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West Liberty
Jared & Sara Lyon - Owners
Stewart Lyon- Manager
7598 Liberty Road
West Liberty, KY 41472
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One man's trash...
another man's
refurbished appliance!

Save on your next purchase when you

 trade in an old appliance!

Starting at
Payout increases according to make, model and condition. Please contact us for more info.

Time for an upgrade or maybe you're sick of that eye sore sitting in your kitchen next to your actual working appliance?
Either way J&S can help.
How does it work? You bring in your old appliance and we assess the value. The payout goes to you in cash or you can apply it as a down payment for your new upgrade. Old appliances that don't work are refurbished,  repaired, and then sold at a discounted price to those who might be unable to afford a new appliance.

If it's not repairable it will be used for parts. 
Have an appliance but can't transport it? No problem!

Free pickups within 20 mile radius. Call J&S today!