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Your Dryer is Smokin'...

No really.
You might want to get that checked...

Dryers make lint...lots of lint that stops up vents. Did you know that simply cleaning out your lint trap isn't enough? Every year fires due to poor dryer maintenance are the cause of more than $35 million dollars worth in property loss. That's more than 2900 homes that burn each year according to the
United States Fire Administration.
Preventative maintenance can go a long way. That's why hiring J&S to clean out your dryer vent would be a worthwhile investment. Call J&S today and let us do the dirty work! 

*Lint pictured above is from an actual dryer with a 'clean' lint trap.

In Store Vent Cleaning

In Home Vent Cleaning
$50 w/o Dryer
$65 w/ Dryer